your name like a song i sing to myself



My friends are amazing at Cards Against Humanity

I’ve never posted anything that deserved to go more viral than this.

Happy Birthday to Vincent van Gogh! Born in the Netherlands on this day in 1853, the post-Impressionist icon would be 161 if he were still alive today. Though he lived to be only 37, he left behind a legacy of works to be admired for years to come—including a favorite of our collection, “Sunflowers.”  We love van Gogh for daring to be different from his soft-spoken Impressionist contemporaries with his use of layered paint and thick brush strokes. Though his work was not well received by critics during his lifetime, it has definitely landed him a spot as one of the greatest artists of all time.
“Sunflowers,” 1888 or 1889, Vincent Willem van Gogh

well, i clearly didn’t post this on the right day, but whatever




Get this then tell your kids “If you ever come home drunk, you will literally die”
Can you even imagine navigating these drunk???

Yes, and it will end like this

I wonder if anyone have actually purchased these stairs..

my friend’s stairs are like this but completely wooden and I hate them 
Imagine you drunk and wearing socks…
this tree tho.


Loulou de la Falaise | Paris, 2005 by Ivan Terestchenko (via My Dog-Eared Pages: Books | BEYOND CHIC)